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The Organization of the IHHA

The IHHA is governed by a Board of Directors who are appointed by the member and associate member organizations to conduct the affairs of the association and by a Chief Executive Officer appointed by the Directors. A Board of Directors Meeting is held annually in one of the members' country.

The Members of the IHHA

The membership of the IHHA consists of national and state organizations, private railway systems, and railway organizations and advocates interested in furthering the exchange of technical information that will benefit the world's heavy haul rail operations. At the present time the membership of the IHHA is as follows:
Australia (private railroads)
Australia (public railroads) Australian Railway Association
Brazil VALE Companhia Do Rio Doce
Canada Railway Association of Canada
China People's Republic of China--China Academy of Railway Sciences
Indian Railways --- Ministry of Railways
Russian Railway Research Institute (JSC VNIIZhT)
South Africa Transit Freight Rail
Sweden-Norway Nordic Heavy Haul Association
United States of America AAR Transportation Technology Center

Associate Member
UIC World Division

Officers and Directors of the International Heavy Haul Association, Inc.
as of October, 2018
Chief Executive Officer: Chairman: Vice Chairman:
Mr. W. Scott Lovelace Mr. Brian Monakali Mr. Thor Braekkan
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Virginia Beach, VA
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Tel: 1-757-496-8288
Fax: 1-757-496-2622
Mr. Michael Roney Mr. Semih Kalay